See How Central Federal’s Donation Benefited YCHC Last Year!

Where would we be without our community health centers, especially in underserved regions? These centers are vital to our health and provide us with necessary care when we need it. Your Community Health Center (YCHC) in Rolla is one of these fantastic organizations, yet for many years, they lacked their own facility. This all changed last year, partially in thanks to the Central Federal Community Foundation.

If you’re not familiar with YCHC, they provide an array of services to patients in Phelps County. These services include primary and pediatric care, behavioral health, women’s health, senior health, and dental care. YCHC even has a Smile Mobile, which provides comprehensive dental care within a 50-mile radius of Rolla.

In spite of its importance, the clinic was once a 5-patient room located on the fourth floor of Phelps County Regional Medical Center. As of May 29, 2018, however, YCHC is now able to provide all of their services under one roof. They’ve more than doubled in size, boasting 11 patient rooms and 2 additional rooms that they use specifically for behavioral health.

YCHC accomplished this long-awaited project partially in thanks to the Central Federal Community Foundation’s ongoing support. Last year, we donated $15,000 to the clinic, which was used to purchase much-needed bariatric medical equipment. We also sponsored their latest fundraiser dinner, and several of us at Central Federal plan on attending their next fundraiser on April 6.

We are grateful for YCHC and all of the indispensible services they provide to our community and the county. Be sure to learn more about YCHC and check out what they’ve been up to by visiting their website!